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Fees & Expenses


All fees and expenses are in addition to rent. See Rental Rates for more information.


The San Francisco Sheriff’s Department is the exclusive provider of security services in City Hall. Fees for service are based on the exact needs of each event, a cost for which will be provided as part of your estimate. Depending on the guest count and other event needs, security costs for Evening Weddings can range from $5,000 – $7,000, and for Evening Events from $5,000 – $30,000.

The One-hour Wedding package rental rate includes security costs. The Two-hour Wedding package rental rate includes security costs for up to 200 guests (additional guests are $4/guest).


A processing fee of $500 to cover administrative costs is required for all events.


A connectivity fee of $500 to cover costs for use of building power is required for all events.


A $4/guest fee will be charged for guest counts over 200 when renting the North Light Court or South Light Court without the Rotunda.


Hiring an Emergency Medical Technician to be on site is required for events with 800 or more guests. Please see our list of qualified vendors.


City Hall has a limited inventory of rental equipment. Most clients will need to contract with an outside equipment rental vendor to rent the equipment needed to execute their event. With exception of the 200 chairs included in our Two-hour Wedding package, rental rates do not include equipment rental charges.


Lighting the exterior of City Hall using its LED system is subject to advance approval from the Office of the Mayor and a fee of $5,000. Please contact our staff to inquire about obtaining approval.


The use of open flame is restricted in City Hall and on its grounds. Candles in approved candleholders with chimneys and on site food preparation is possible when approved in advance, and when needed permits have been secured.

Floor plans for events must be approved first by the City Hall Events Office and then by the San Francisco Fire Department. Any event with hot food prep or storage on site, and all seated dinners, require the presence of a Fire Marshall throughout the event. Please visit the San Francisco Fire Department website for more information regarding permit fees and other costs.


A Certificate of Insurance with an Additional Insured Endorsement is required for all rental activities. Insurance must include Workers Compensation coverage, Public Liability coverage of $1 million, and Property Damage coverage of $1 million. Insurance is available through the City Hall Events Office for wedding clients only at a cost of $3/guest with a $100 minimum. Our One-hour Wedding package includes insurance, and the Two-hour Wedding package includes insurance for up to 200 guests, above which there will be a charge of $3/guest with a $100 minimum.


Depending on the size and scope of your event, additional personnel may be required, including event managers, laborers, engineers and electricians. A cost for this labor will be provided with your estimate. For evening events and weddings, a fee of $400 for an exterior Vendor Loading Supervisor will apply.


Event diagrams submitted less than two-weeks prior to an event, or event electrical plans submitted less than five business day prior to an event, will be charged a $250 late submission fee.


A $5,000 fine will be assessed on all vendors and clients who cause the activation of City Hall’s Life System Alarm.


A fine of $1,000 will be assessed on all vendors and clients who do not recycle waste produced by their event.