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Film & Photo

Owing to its picturesque ornamentation and grand stature, San Francisco City Hall has set the scene for major motion pictures, such as Milk and Raiders of the Lost Ark, as well as popular series, including Sense8 and When We Rise.

City Hall requires all professional photographers and videographers to secure a film permit from the San Francisco Film Commission prior to shooting in the building.

Hobbyist photographers are welcome to photograph in the building, providing they respect the following guidelines:

  • Lighting equipment must be battery-operated.
  • Do not use flash equipment that will cause a significant visual disturbance.
  • Photography equipment is prohibited inside the Office of the County Clerk (City Hall Rooms 162 and 168), and must not obstruct the halls or doors leading into the office.
  • Photographers and their subjects will please refrain from: standing on or leaning against any of the Rotunda ledges, balcony railings or radiators; standing or sitting on window sills; sitting, posing or blocking movement on stairwells; blocking doorways or hallways.